Michelle Risser

I’m Michelle, and I help therapists and helping professionals overcome burnout with optimized self-care and diversified income streams so they can have bigger impact and more fun!

How I Added Passive Income as a Therapist

I discovered that for me, having diversified income sources, including passive income is the key to a sustainable, fulfilling career as a therapist. All of my income coming from butt-in-chair time was becoming mentally and physically unhealthy for me, and frankly, unsustainable. 

Self-Care Greatest Hits!

If you celebrate any of the winter holidays, I hope they are bright and relaxing. And I hope 2023 is the year you finally make those big dreams a reality and leave burnout behind for good! I am coasting into the finish line for this year and planning to take some much-needed time off until…

How to Relax Almost Instantly

I first published this post 4 years ago, and it is still one of my favorite tools! I thought this could come in handy for the holidays when things get a little hectic, because you can do it anywhere, anytime. Sometimes you need to relax your mind and body QUICKLY. Stress can take a toll…

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Click here for a ton of free resources including a burnout assessment, The Therapist Mom's Ultimate Survival Guide, an invitation to The Burnout-Proof Therapist Mom's Facebook group and more!



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