4 Reasons Why Therapists Need Multiple Income Streams in 2023 and Beyond

You became a therapist because you wanted to help others and have a career filled with meaning and purpose. But your therapy income alone isn’t likely going to cut it. Keep reading to find out what to do about it. What are multiple income streams for therapists?   Many therapists today are offering services outside…

5 Reasons Becoming a CEU Provider is the Best Side Gig for Therapists

Providing CEUs can be a great income stream for therapists! Here are some reasons why you should consider adding “CEU Provider” to your resume. 1. Flexibility Teaching CEUs allows therapists to have a flexible schedule, giving them the ability to choose when and where they speak. This can be particularly beneficial for therapists who want…

How I Added Passive Income as a Therapist

I discovered that for me, having diversified income sources, including passive income is the key to a sustainable, fulfilling career as a therapist. All of my income coming from butt-in-chair time was becoming mentally and physically unhealthy for me, and frankly, unsustainable. 

Self-Care Greatest Hits!

If you celebrate any of the winter holidays, I hope they are bright and relaxing. And I hope 2023 is the year you finally make those big dreams a reality and leave burnout behind for good! I am coasting into the finish line for this year and planning to take some much-needed time off until…


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