Additional Income Streams for Therapists

Break free from the therapy chair without leaving the profession!

A few years ago, I realized I wasn’t going to be able to spend hours and hours sitting in my therapy chair and stay healthy- physically or mentally. I was still passionate about therapy, but I needed additional ways to expand my services. 

For years, I had “diversify my income” in my yearly goals. But what did that even mean? 

Two years ago, I entered a coaching program and finally started to diversify my income and my time, expand my reach, and serve my profession in a bigger way.

I got the courage to put myself out there and say yes to the opportunities that came up. I’ve been following my momentum and trying new things. And you know what? It’s paying off! I love collaborating with other professionals, making passive income and serving people in different ways. 

In addition to being an active EMDR therapist in private practice, I also provide:

  • Providing CEUs for mental health professionals
  • Coaching for Therapist Moms
  • Courses that help therapists avoid burnout
  • Consulting for EMDR Therapists
  • Writing for a mental health website
  • Workshops and speaking for organizations that want to prevent burnout

In this series of blog posts, I’m going to share some of my alternate income streams and how I got started. 

Becoming a CEU Provider

I started teaching CEUs a decade or so ago when a colleague suggested that I apply to be a presenter at a large addictions conference. I applied, got accepted and was a presenter there for several years. 

This opened up other doors for teaching CEUs at agencies and other conferences. Up until that point, I was teaching CEUs for organizations that were already approved as providers. The benefit of doing it that way was that I didn’t have to worry about administering post-tests, evaluations, or certificates, but I did still have to provide the required documents about my course and myself as a provider. 

I worked through a lot of fear and imposter syndrome.

Did I have anything to offer? Can I actually do public speaking? I can’t do public speaking. Can I? Am I really an expert? What if they don’t learn anything? What if I’m annoying?

What a gift when I learned that NONE of that actually matters. Imposter syndrome isn’t real! You can’t be an imposter if you are showing up as your authentic self, with your experience, your knowledge, your voice and your course.

You can’t be an imposter when you are yourself! You are the only person who can share what you have to offer, and your people need to hear it from YOU.

In the last couple of years, I have started teaching CEUs through my own business as an approved provider for my state licensing board. I have taught courses live and virtually on-demand. The benefit of virtual courses is that they are PASSIVE income! 

Is providing CEUs the side-hustle for you? 

Some of the benefits of providing CEUs include: 

✔️Make passive income with on-demand courses

✔️Get out of the therapy chair WITHOUT getting out of the profession

✔️Reduce burnout by diversifying how you spend your time 

✔️Stay on top of the latest research and trends in mental health 

✔️Give back to the profession and help shape the next generation 

✔️Say goodbye to boring, cookie-cutter CEUs by bringing your authentic self and unique experience to your courses!  

Are you interested in finding out more about becoming a CEU provider and sharing your unique voice with the mental health profession? 

I have been busy at work creating a course that teaches mental health professionals how to become CEU providers. We cover everything from first wondering if you can do it (spoiler alert: you can) to seeing ut those final certificates.

The course drops Oct 3rd, buy now during the presale through 10/2/2022 and get 1/2 off!


Proud to be a Therapist, Coach, Consultant, Writer AND CEU provider!

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