Take a 30-Second Self Care Break

take a self care break

Keep reading for ways to take a quick and easy self care break to reset your mind and body. 

As we make our way through the holiday season, this is the time of year when the busy schedule, added stress on relationships and expectations can start to take a toll. Not only have you spent the last several weeks preparing for and celebrating holidays and traditions, but regular life still has to go on too (and it’s hectic already.) 

Even if you don’t have time for major self care like a massage (or a trip to a tropical island!), here are a few things you can do right now to help you breathe a little easier. Do one or more of these for 30 seconds each. It will feel longer than you think!

1) Get up and move:

Jump up and down. Jog in place. Do a few jumping jacks. Anything to get your blood flowing!

2) Legs up the wall:

This is exactly what is sounds like. Get down on the floor, scoot over to the wall and lay down with your legs up the wall. Count to 30.

3) Child’s pose:

This is a great yoga pose for calming your busy brain and relaxing your body. Get on the floor with your knees together, sit on your heels and rest your forehead and hands on the floor. Here’s a better description. 

4) Just lay down:

Lay on your back on the floor, breathe in slowly through your nose and out through your mouth.

5) March in place:

Bring alternating knees and elbows toward each other.

6) Visualize:

Close your eyes and imagine you are sitting in the hot sun on a rock in Arizona. Go through each of your 5 senses. What do you see, feel, hear, smell, and taste?

7) Have a hot drink:

Hold a warm cup of coffee or tea and focus on the comforting warmth.

8) Text a friend:

Just to say hi and let them know you are thinking of them.

9) Gratitude list:

Write down 3 things you are grateful for.

10) Read:

Keep a good book nearby and read a paragraph or two.

These are just a few quick things you can do in just a few seconds to push a mental reset button. Try a few of them and let me know how they work for you.

I hope you enjoy the rest of the holiday season and take good care of yourself!


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