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  • Self-Care Greatest Hits!

    Self-Care Greatest Hits!

    If you celebrate any of the winter holidays, I hope they are bright and relaxing. And I hope 2023 is the year you finally make those big dreams a reality and leave burnout behind for good! I am coasting into the finish line for this year and planning to take some much-needed time off until…

  • Take a Break and Make Some Homemade Butter!

    Take a Break and Make Some Homemade Butter!

    Use this homemade butter recipe on your butter board and you’ll REALLY make an impact!

  • Homemade Butter

    Homemade Butter

    Happy Thanksgiving! I am taking a break from my usual topics this week to share one of my favorite holiday traditions, making homemade butter. Time in the kitchen with family counts as self-care to me! It’s easier than it sounds, will get you in touch with your primitive roots and you will be a rock…