Email-only launches are a great way to get your incredible offers out into the world!  

Without the enormous vulnerability hangover.

The first time I did a launch, I almost quit and closed my business.

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Maybe you’re familiar with the emotional roller coaster of launching, or maybe you have no idea what I’m talking about.

Just in case you’re in the latter camp, keep reading for the Cliff’s Notes version. (There are entire empires built on teaching people how to do this stuff.)

Basically, this means when you want to sell anything at all, you can’t just advertise it and be done. You need to launch.
  • You build an audience first, earn their trust, and nurture them.
  • Then you put in the work to strengthen relationships, make sure that people know you exist, and that they are excited about what you have to offer.
  • There’s usually a free challenge, webinar, or summit leading into the offer.
  • This process is called launching, and it’s like creating a runway for your offer so it can take off. 

There’s a really good chance that you got into my world because I launched something or another. And that’s a good thing! I’m grateful that you are reading my blog and in my life. But there’s a hard way and a not-as-hard way to launch.

The first launch I did was a 5-day “Mom Guilt Challenge”. I created this free challenge and people signed up for my email list to get into it. It was SO. MUCH. WORK. Over 100 people signed up, which I was thrilled with, and at the end of it, I introduced my Beyond Burnout Program for Therapist Moms. The challenge week was a roller coaster of emotions- fun, excitement, motivation, exhaustion, stress.

But then after the challenge comes the part where you share your offer. That means going live, emailing daily, and basically talking about the offer nonstop. The first time I did it, I said never again. Oh, the horrors! It was so exhausting, vulnerable, terrifying…and did I say exhausting?

Then I did it one more time. But seriously, never again. At least not like that.  

Webinars, challenge launches, and summits are all popular in the online business world, but I want to let you in on a little secret.

Email-only launches are a hidden gem that can bring a ton of benefits to your business without the roller-coaster whiplash.

  1. Email launches are about building genuine, long-term connection with your audience. Instead of feeling like you’re just talking at people through webinars or challenges, with emails, you can have real, personal conversations. You have the chance to nurture those relationships, provide ongoing value, and create loyal fans who keep coming back for more.
  2. Email launches have evergreen potential. Unlike webinars or challenges that come and go, your email sequence can be repurposed and reused over time. That means you can keep generating leads and sales, even after the initial launch period has ended. It’s like having a secret sales machine that works for you in the background.
  3. Email launches are scalable! You can reach a broader audience because it’s not bound by a specific time or time zone. You can connect with people from all over the world, expanding your customer base and maximizing your impact.

I still create and offer new programs and services several times a year, but I no longer do traditional “launches”. I’m just not cut out for it. I find it exhausting, draining, and way too stressful. What I do instead is focus on building real relationships with my audience, so that when I have something new to offer, I just offer it. Mostly in email.

I wanted to share this exciting world of email launches with you and introduce you to my friend, Liz Wilcox.

Liz is an email genius. I am part of her Email Marketing Membership and since I joined, I have so much fun connecting with my list every week. I also no longer break out in a cold sweat when I have a new offer to share.

Liz has just released a brand new email launch course, and it’s in beta pricing for $250 through the end of May, 2023. On June 1, it goes up to $400.

This is my affiliate link, because I love everything Liz creates. Her stuff just works for my brain. Get it here!

I highly suggest that if you think you may ever launch anything, ever, or if you want to learn how to build an audience over email, snag this course. I know it might be new and unfamiliar, but trust me, it’s worth exploring. It’s like having a secret weapon in your online business arsenal.

Take care and talk to you soon!

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