Black Friday Offers!

Have you started setting goals and casting visions for 2023 yet? Maybe you want to start diversifying your income, make more money, establish yourself as an expert or make more connections. These have ALL been goals of mine in recent years and I am so thrilled that they are all coming together. 

Let me help you make your goals a reality, too! 

Here are some amazing deals for you to set you up for success!  

✨ Add Additional Income Streams

How about getting started by teaching CEUs? Even if you decide not to go for CEU approval, everything you need for teaching a fun and unique course, authentic to you is in here. This is one of my FAVORITE income streams because you can add it to your existing therapy practice!

And it’s 50% off only through 11/28/2022. 

Click HERE and use code GRATEFUL. 

✨  Connect With Your Audience✨

You may have noticed I’ve really been trying to up my email game. I want my emails to be something you actually look forward to reading, and I am actually having a lot of fun writing them! (Email…fun?! I know!)

I am learning how to do this in the Email Marketing Membership with Liz Wilcox, where she sends out weekly email templates and mini-trainings to show you how to use them.

She also does monthly Live Q+A and some other membership-y stuff. But different than anyone else? It’s super affordable. 

The EMM: Yearly Pass is a unique offer allowing you a year’s worth of the membership, plus EVER OTHER TRAINING Liz Wilcox offers, for just $108 per year. You also get free access to any new products Liz creates within that year’s timeframe.

The yearly offer is only available through 11/27. Get it HERE.

And if you choose to join for only $9 a month (or you don’t get to it by 11/27), you can do that HERE. 

✨Build Your Community

You’ve already met your goal of starting your own practice, but you’re realizing that solo practice can be isolating. Village is the network you have been dreaming of as a mom clinician and is the place you need to build your online practice community.

💖Moms supporting moms.❤️

I was super excited and honored to be the first guest expert in Village earlier this month, talking about some of my favorite topics: burnout prevention and building self-care micro-strategies into your day!

From now through 11/28 click here and use code SAVE10.

You’ll get $10 off the first month, or you can get an even BETTER deal if you join for the whole year for $170!

✨Live Without Burnout

An online program for moms who work as therapists and helping professionals.

✨Have more time and energy for the things that matter most
✨Get your inspiration, motivation, and spark back
✨Experience joy, ease, and connection with your family
…Without burnout or guilt!

50% off from 11/24-11/28


(PS: Some of these are my affiliate links, and I may receive some thank-you money when you click on it. I ONLY promote products and services that I personally use, can vouch for, and that I believe are a great offer for my community! 💖

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