CEU Course Planning Checklist

For Mental Health Providers

Have you ever thought about diversifying your income by teaching CEUs?

Having a variety of income sources, including teaching CEUs, has been one of the best things I’ve done to minimize my own burnout risk.  

But I know it can seem overwhelming. There are a lot of steps. Read on to find out more!

Benefits of teaching CEUs

✔️Make passive income with on-demand courses

✔️Get out of the therapy chair

✔️Reduce burnout by diversifying how you spend your time 

✔️Stay on top of the latest research and trends in mental health 

✔️Give back to the profession and help shape the next generation 

✔️Say goodbye to boring, cookie-cutter CEUs by bringing your authentic self and unique experience to your courses! 

One of the main reasons I hear that people get stuck is not knowing where to start. So I made you a checklist!

Grab your copy now and get started on planning your CEU course! I can’t wait to hear about it.


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