What about YOU?

💖Moms who work as therapists, helping professionals and healers…

What about YOU?

🔥You are taught that your clients’ needs always come first.

🔥You sit through hour-long sessions, not going to the bathroom when you need to, not refilling your water when you need to, and then you end that session just in time to start the next one.

🔥You drink protein shakes for lunch because there’s no time to eat.

🔥When you have an illness or an injury or a personal crisis, you end up supporting your clients through it and processing their feelings about your situation (which is a uniquely strange experience).

🔥If a client is rude to you, has an outstanding balance or misinterpreted something you said, that’s all “grist for the mill” of therapy, and you don’t take it personally and you help them unpack their feelings about it and help them process.

🔥You manage transference and countertransference.

🔥It really never gets to be about you. In fact, old-school methods of therapy used to say that you should be a “blank slate “, not to be a human of your own but rather to exist as a mirror for your clients.

Then, after all this, you go home, switch into mom mode after work and change your focus to meeting your family’s needs. 

Aren’t you exhausted yet?

All of this contributes to burnout over time.

I just want to remind you that it’s ok to be human. 

Your needs matter. 

Not only is it OK to put yourself first, but it’s also critical and non-negotiable. 

✨I help moms who work as therapists, helping professionals and healers recharge their batteries, optimize their self-care, and avoid the vicious cycle of burnout through 1:1 coaching and my Beyond Burnout 8-week course. ✨

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