Hello, Cortisol

Cortisol is a great thing to have if you are being chased by a tiger….

Not so great when you’re just trying to get to your kid’s parent-teacher conference.

Cortisol is a stress hormone that is triggered when your brain decides there is a threat. It can be incredibly helpful when your fight or flight kicks in during a very short-term crisis.

But it’s NOT meant to stick around, day after day. When it does, bad things can happen, like:

⛔ Weight gain
⛔ High blood pressure
⛔ Mood swings
⛔ Skin Changes
⛔ Osteoporosis
⛔ Anxiety
⛔ Depression

To get your Cortisol level down, you need to get your stress level down and allow your nervous system to regulate.

Two of the first things I do with my coaching clients is to help them optimize their self-care and reduce the drains on their time and energy, so they can get out of this stress cycle .

I currently offer 1:1 coaching for moms and an 8-week online program for therapist and helping professional moms.

If you feel like you are stuck on the hamster wheel of chronic stress, you pour out your energy for others all day and then snap at your kids at dinner, I can help.

Stop by www.mrisser.com/links for free stuff and more info.

Thank you for everything you do! 💖💖💖

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