Michelle Risser

I’m Michelle, and I help therapists and helping professionals overcome burnout with optimized self-care and diversified income streams so they can have bigger impact and more fun!

Mindfulness to Go

Here are 30 of my favorite mindfulness strategies for lowering my stress level and helping me stay more present in the moment.

Of all of the things I have tried, mindfulness helps me stay calm and centered more than anything else. 

These suggestions are specifically meant to be used while you are going about your normal life- no timers, cushions or chanting required!

I purposefully kept them simple because the point is not to overthink it but to just get in the habit of noticing where you are. Building awareness takes practice; if you use these strategies every day you will start to feel calmer and more present!

Here are some suggestions for how to use these mindfulness tools on the go: 

  1. Do a 30-day challenge and focus on one activity every day.
  2. Print it out and carry it with you, pick a strategy at random whenever you feel tension or anxiety start to rise.
  3. Cut the suggestions out and randomly draw one every day.
  4. On a scale of 1-10, try to keep your anxiety around a 3 or lower for a whole day using these strategies.
  5. However you choose to use these strategies, I hope you find them helpful. Keep at it! Regular practice is the most important thing. 

I am now offering private individual coaching to help busy professional moms transform from stressed, overwhelmed and burned by guilt to calm, present and joyful!

I’d love to hear more of your story and see if we’d be a good match to work together, find out more here!


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