Mom Can Breathe: Motherhood, Mental Health and Overcoming Life’s Challenges

mental health for mom

Mom Can Breathe is a space for moms to find tools and information about motherhood, mental health and  overcoming life’s challenges big and small.  Welcome to my blog!

Motherhood is one of the most rewarding jobs there is. It is also one of the most challenging! I wanted to write about overcoming life’s challenges, big and small. Because I know that you, Mom, are resilient and overcome whatever life throws your way!  As moms, we are always looking for tools to  feel more happy, confident and content in our lives.

Moms face a lot of different challenges throughout the day. Maybe today your 3rd grader can’t find their shoes and misses the bus. You come home to a cold crock pot and a ruined roast. Or you are concerned about whether your teen’s moodiness is normal angst or a sign of depression or anxiety. We’ll cover it all.

I remember the first time I can home from the hospital with my newborn daughter and sat her on the kitchen table in her carseat. My husband and I were both pretty bewildered.  In the beginning, every day is another attempt to keep the tiny human fed and alive. Our own self-care often falls to the bottom of the list. 1 in 7 moms will experience a postpartum mood disorder; the most common of which are postpartum depression and anxiety, making the struggle even more challenging.

Some of the common concerns moms share are balancing work and life, mental health, making friends, worrying about their kids’ physical and emotional health and just not having enough time. Sometimes it’s a struggle just to get through the day. You are not alone!

The children grow and the struggles change throughout the years, but one thing I know for sure is that with a little support, moms overcome.



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